The company ISOMEG exists on the construction market since 1989. Our motto is to create stable foundations for both construction of our buildings, as well as dialed relationships with clients and contractors. Over 25 years we have specialized in the construction of buildings, services, construction and road works in Silesia. We have many years of experience in the construction of houses, which we gathered realizing residential buildings and public facilities for its customers . Our strengths allowed us to remain successful in the rapidly changing building market, these being complexity of services, professionalism, reliability and flexibility.

ul. Targowa 15
42-470 Siewierz
Tel:   32 674 18 66
NIP: 6490012604
REGON: 271706247



          We are called Eve and Mark Korzec. TOP BUD® was established as a company in 1993 in Warsaw. We specialize in the construction of energy efficient buildings and passive technology wooden skeleton. So far, we have completed more than 560 buildings, of which over 90% was established with the project architectural firm, Eng. architect Stanislaw Arciuch, with whom we work since the beginning of our activity. Thanks to this, an outstanding feature of our buildings is undoubtedly their uniqueness and adapt to your needs from the design phase to implementation.\Another great advantage of our homes is their energy efficiency, which is obtained through the use of energy-efficient heat sources, as well as the accuracy of the insulation, which pass the leak test and a thermal imaging camera.           
      In each of our building we assemble the recuperator, a device that allows constant air exchange in the building.  
         Most of the staff in our company has worked for us for over twenty years, as we focus on the experience and specialization – each team performs a separate phase of construction of the building. At the moment, we have a database of companies with warehouses and production hall in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. Soon you will be also able to see a demonstration house, which is also made on the premises. But make no mistake – our houses are created all the time across Poland, mostly in the areas surrounding Warsaw. We are dynamically developing, and at the same time reliable – book with us.
       In dealing with you, we focus on openness to your needs and plans. To be convinced of this you will be able to obtain direct feedback from our customers. As we emphasize – you can always get along, so we invite you to use our services.
             In Siewierz Jeziorna we built 8 buildings: two twins and private consisting of four houses. All were built in wood-frame technology and meet the standards of energy efficient buildings. In three of them (24, 32, 33) heating is managed by a heat pump. Other buildings are prepared to be finished according to the individual needs of future investors.

Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlano Handlowe TOP BUD®
ul. Bartycka 26 pawilon 43a
00-716 Warszawa
Tel: 601 827 405
NIP: 5210526076
REGON: 010142650


Murapol is one of the leaders of the developer market in Poland, with 14 years of experience in building apartments and commercial buildings. Since 2001, the developer completed 64 investments throughout the country. Years of experience and the consistent maintenance of high standards have enabled the company to gain the trust of a wide range of clients. Today, there is already close to 10 thousand people living at settlements built by Murapol. Murapol SA places an emphasis on the quality of investments and the attention to detail. For these reasons, we have received a number of awards, including Quality International “for the highest quality workmanship investment,” the European Medal “for the highest standards of settlements.” Currently, the company is building, and offers accommodation in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Katowice, Bielsko-Biala, Tychy, Toruń, Wieliczka and Siewierzu. A common feature of all residential projects of Murapol are their attractive locations. The company pays particular attention to the location of buildings combining two basic human needs: proximity to infrastructure and proximity to nature.

ul.Partyzantów 49
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
Tel:    33 819 33 33
REGON: 072695687
NIP: 5471932616
KRS: 0000275523


UNITO APUS S.A. Sp. j.                                                                                                                         ul. Emilii Plater 18                                                                                                                               00-688 Warszawa                                                                                                                            NIP: 701067153                                                                                                                             REGON: 366702106                                                                                                                           KRS: 0000666045                                                                                                                          Sales office:                                                                                                                                                ul. Chmielowskie 1                                                                                                                             42-470 Siewierz                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



TUP Property SA develops and manages a portfolio of real estate for rent. In order to optimize its portfolio, the company also conducts short-term development projects.

TUP Property S. A. 
ul.Traktowa 6 
 05-800 Pruszków 
Tel:   22 250 88 20
NIP: 782-237-10-68
KRS 0000260991
REGON 300416850



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