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Chmielowskie sp. Z o.o – The owner of the land of Siewierz Jeziorna. The company is engaged in developing detailed plans for the district, division of land into individual plots of land, establishing the road system, sewers and other infrastructure. Chmielowskie owner of the Company is listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw, the Company ALTA .

Chmielowskie sp. z o.o. 
ul. Chmielowskie 1
47-420 Siewierz
Tel:  605 343 884
NIP: 5252414689
REGON: 141219597
KRS: 0000295428

MULTI PROJECT Siewierz Jeziorna is a long-term project, calculated over 20 years. This is one of the few opportunities to join the historic project for many years.


Organizations who want to get connected to Siewierz can enter a strategic partnership. Co-branding and promotion for embassies, non-profits, foundations and government.

Dzielnica ZrównoważonaConstruction works in May 2016.


Because Siewierz Jeziorna is a long-term project, this is one of the few cooperative agreements that can be extended into the long term, making your presence in a historic development a permanent one for years to come.

Siewierz Jeziorna


The master plan provides for a mixed-use development: live, work, play. A variety of housing types will be built, including single family, multi-family and commercial space for rent.



An idea house is a way to promote the advanced features of products and services. It’s the most often featured house in the development, and can serve as the sales center so clients can observe up close.


A commercial partner enters into an exclusive agreement to provide certain products and services for a defined period of time. You receive a sure sales volume s based on the overall master plan.


Many companies are looking for a place to showcase their products. The idea house will be constructed from advanced products and technologies, and partners will contribute.


A commercial partner gets full marketing support. They are co-promoted on the website, at the Siewierz Jeziorna site, and during events. They receive logo usage rights and can co-brand their activities alongside Siewierz Jeziorna.


A standard term is three years. Commercial partners receive exclusivity and right of first refusal as long as they renew their agreement before the expiration. Those in first remain partners indefinitely.

You are invited to cooperate with us!

Take a look at the 

Existing partners


Przystań Siewierz sp. z o.o. manages the construction and recreational infrastructure of the district. Siewierz Marina owns the dock, where you can sail, kayak or simply relax on the deck chairs. Przystań Siewierz sp. z o.o.
ul. Chmielowskie 1
47-420 Siewierz
tel. 503 192 810
NIP: 524-238-59-11
REGON: 017254569
KRS 0000004257



MAU is a professional consultancy office with 20-year experience in urban planning, urban design and architectural design in the fields of New Urbanism and sustainable development. Based in Warsaw, Poland, the firm provides services tailored to the needs of the development agencies and landowners in Poland and throughout Europe.



The company specializes in roadworks. In Siewierz Jeziorna they are responsible for the construction of infrastructure, roads, pocket parks and squares.



The core of the Design Studio “AiM” Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz makes up of architects with long-term experience. The studio collaborates with specialists in all areas of design, and therefore performs a variety of architectural projects regardless of their scale and complexity (from single-family houses by modernization and adaptation of existing facilities to a wide range of interior design and space). It supervises and coordinates design and construction works as well as provides comprehensive investment services. In Siewierz Jeziorna AiM is responsible for the design of infrastructure, roads and overall urban area. 



With our company DG – NET everything is up to date. We are the largest Internet provider in Dabrowa Gornicza and surrounding areas. In our offer we have internet radio, internet and fiber optic television packages. Our services provide comprehensive, guaranteed stable operation of the Internet. Dabrowa Gornicza and the surrounding villages benefit from our services in a continuous manner, because we guarantee the stability of Internet connections in the area up to 2500 km square! Our Internet is well prepared and we offer competitive prices. From year to year our Internet infrastructure is growing, and above all our Internet reaches more and more distant areas. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer on the internet fiber optic and radio, as well as associated services.


How can I get my company involved?

A commercial partnership is a framework agreement with certain sales and promotional benefits. You can become a commercial partner today.

How long does a partnership last?

Commercial partnerships are for three years or through a given phase of the project and can be extended for years to go beyond the first term.

What is the cost?

Commercial partnerships are calculated based on the partner’s expected sales volume over a given phase of the project. Each partner receives an individual valuation.

How can I sell my products and services?

Commercial partners can sell their products and services and receive exclusivity for a given product or service segment. The best way to increase your sales is to sign a partnership agreement with us.

Can organizations become partners?

Non-commercial organizations such as embassies, NGOs or government bodies may become strategic partners. They receive promotional benefits.



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