What is a sustainable city?

Most flat and house developments are fenced neigbourhoods, which are supposed to create a sense of safety, but in reality these form enclosed spaces, which limit their residents. Lack of harmony and coherence in aesthetics between coinciding buildings is often a problem in Poland.

plan-zagospodarowaniaDevelopment plan for Siewierz Jeziorna

Siewierz Jeziorna, will be a district, which will break away from the current trends, thanks to a new approach in master planning, which will be organised around its users. To a pedestrian, everything that is basic will be within a walking distance of five minutes, including parks and recreational areas. We want Siewierz Jeziorna to be a great place to live, not just a commuter town. We decided to base the project on traditional town layouts, which were used by the planners until the first half of the twentieth century.

The sustainable urbanism is all about creating public spaces, where each user is carefully considered whether it is a driver, cyclist or a pedestrian. The area of 120 ha will be occupied in a multifunctional way. There will be detached as well as semi detached family homes, none higher then three meters, adjacent to parks, shops and office spaces. Residential quarters have been designed so that residents could easily walk to reach their places of work and other services.


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There is no single methodology
for defining
a sustainable
However, there is a set of guidelines in the literature that should be met in order to make a city sustainable.